Is jade worth any value?

The price of jade depends largely on the quality of the stone. White jade was considered to be the most precious and valuable stone in ancient China.

Is jade worth any value?

The price of jade depends largely on the quality of the stone. White jade was considered to be the most precious and valuable stone in ancient China. Its value was equivalent to the way the West values diamonds and gold. It was highly prized for its beauty and durability, symbolized purity and moral integrity, even indestructibility, and was often used to make the so-called funeral jade costume for the richest and most important people in the country.

Today we know that white or creamy nephrite is much more common and not as valuable as white jadeite, which is a very rare stone and can still be appreciated more than gold in Asian countries. Carved jade pieces are valued per piece, not by carats. Art and origin are the main factors of value. Jade is one of the most beautiful gemstones on the planet and is considered to be of great value to Chinese culture.

Because jade has been mined since the Stone Age, it has become a symbol of great wealth and even nobility. Because of this decisive factor when evaluating this type of jade stone, some people treat or bleach jade to hide and eliminate any signs of discoloration before applying it with colored polymers; these artificially altered jadeites are not as valuable as their untreated counterparts. In these cases, jade stones are most valuable when they are thick, symmetrical and proportional; there should be no defect or imperfection on the surface of a jade stone visible to the naked eye and some shapes must be uniform, without flat spots or irregularities. For example, one of the most expensive ancient objects made of jade is a Neolithic vessel called a jade cone with a sacred face of humans and animals from the Liangzhu culture.

According to an old Chinese proverb (gold has a value, jade is priceless), it's easier to value gold than to establish the value of jade, because it often exceeds the value of the stone. You can still look at the previous values of the different colors of jade and decide which variation of jade works best for you. One of the first national sources of the stone were the White Jade (Yurungkash) and Black Jade (Karakash) rivers, near the city of Hetian (; a). Although nephrite jade is the original Sky Stone from China, fine jadeite, as shown here, is the most sought after jades in today's Chinese community.

So what makes one piece of jade more valuable than others? The three most important attributes of jade are as follows. The Jade Shop will allow you to find beautiful ornaments, decorations, animal figures and jewelry made of jadeite jade. Later, after the looting by the British and French armies in 1860 of the Summer Palace in Beijing, where many Chinese jade objects were stolen and then headed to Europe, Damour re-analyzed the jade. The most expensive examples of jade are found in the so-called Imperial Jade color, which is an intense and vibrant emerald green.

An old but very valuable Chinese proverb that translates as “Gold has value, but jade is priceless” means that there are different variations of jade that are so expensive that they can be considered priceless. Many people are surprised to learn that jade comes in many colors, although most attribute an intense green color to it. The purpose can affect the value so much that the small jade object can be much more expensive than a larger-scale jade sculpture.

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