Should jade be light or dark?

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Is white jade worth anything?

Yes, white jade can be valuable. The price or “value” of white jade depends largely on the color of the piece, as...

What color of jade is best?

The best quality jadeite, almost transparent with a vibrant emerald green color, is known as “imperial jade”. China's ...

Is dark jade valuable?

Jadeite, one of two distinct minerals commonly known as jade, is the rarest and hardest variety. Intense green jadeite,...

Is black jade real jade?

Think about buying a beautiful jade bracelet only to discover later that it's a fake. But how do you know if the jade is...

What is purple jade worth?

Naturally, larger stones will be higher. The intense purple jade gets its color from the traces of iron in the stone and...

Is jade good luck chinese?

Chinese culture considers jade to be a lucky stone. For them, it is known as “The Stone of Heaven”.


Is jade worth any value?

Is jade worth any value?

Which jade is most valuable?

Which jade is most valuable?

What color of jade is most valuable?

What color of jade is most valuable?

Which colors of jade are most valuable?

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Does jade bring good luck?

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Is black jade rare?

Black jade is a rare form of nephrite jade. Most of the black jade on the market comes from Peru.

Is dark jade or light jade more valuable?

For jadeite, the intensity of the green color, combined with a high degree of translucency, are the key factors in...

What did jade represent in china?

Jade is the most prized in modern Chinese culture. Reportedly, the philosopher Confucius expressed this fascination by...

Is translucent jade valuable?

Vivid, elegant and translucent, the magnificent jadeite has some of the most expensive gemstones on the international...

How much does jade sell for?

For years, we couldn't master this multi-layered jewel with so many uses, definitions and colors. Jade can be found at...

What did jade represent in ancient china?

Jade (nephrite) was considered the most precious stone in ancient China and symbolized purity and moral integrity. Prized ...

Is purple jade worth more than green?

The second most expensive jade stone has a lavender hue. Lavender jade will be worth more than other types of...

How can you tell if jade is valuable?

Many of us think of the rich bottle green color when we think of jade, and this is no coincidence. The more green jade...